DeZURIK designs and manufactures over 60 valve styles, more than any other manufacturer in the markets we serve, that are used in chemical and petrochemical, food & beverage, mining, power, hydropower dams, pulp and paper, water treatment, sewage treatment, water distribution, pump stations, and other process industries. In addition to Plug Valves, we’re known for Knife Gate Valves, High Performance Butterfly Valves, AWWA Butterfly Valves, V-Port Ball Valves, Rotary Control Valves, Air Valves, Check Valves, and many other special configurations. The DeZURIK brands include DeZURIK, Hilton, APCO, Willamette, Red Valve, Tideflex and RKL Controls.

DeZURIK Products Offered

High Performance Butterfly Valves

Knife Gate Valves and Severe Service Ported Gate Valves

V-Port Ball and 2,3 & 4-way Plug Valves

RCV Rotary Control Valves

APCO Slanting Disc and Swing Check Valves, Air Release Valves

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