415U-1 Condor Series Battery Powered Wireless I/O



415U-1 Data Sheet

Data Sheet



All of a sudden, a licensed remote radio site that would have required significant solar infrastructure, now becomes very quick and easy to install. You could expect to reduce your site establishment costs by around 66%.

Why? The ultra-low power consumption and integrated small battery eliminates the need for power supply system, the enclosure eliminates the need for a large box, and of course the integrated IO eliminates the need for any other devices to integrate onsite.

Simply just configure the unit, mount the IP66 rated bullet-proof aluminium enclosure at the required location, commission and move on!

Some of the additional features of these units are as follows:

Extremely low power consumption SCADA remote I/O monitoring and control
Integrated Wireless communications, I/O, charger/regulator and battery in the one weatherproof unit
Supports Lithium, Lead Acid or fixed power sources
Licenced/licence-free VHF/UHF radio transceiver
C1: 148 – 174MHz
C3: 340 – 400MHz
C4: 400 – 480MHz
C5: 470 – 520MHz
C91: 900MHz (Future release)
C92: 900MHz (Future release)
Enhanced security for both cyber and data transmission
Compatible with the ELPRO Condor Series product range


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