APCO Rubber Flapper Swing Check Valves (CRF)



APCO Rubber Flapper Swing Check Valves (CRF)

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APCO CRF 100, 100SA and 100SR Rubber Flapper Swing Check Valves are uniquely simple in design but durable for use on a variety of applications. Available in sizes 2-48″ (50-1200mm), they are available in Ductile Iron or Cast Iron bodies with ASME 125/150 flanges and maximum pressure ratings up to 175 psi (1210 kPa). For additional abrasion resistance, full-flow area bodies can be lined with elastomers.

Since the APCO CRF Rubber Flapper Check Valve was introduced in 1965, it has been operating successfully in thousands of installations. The unique features of the Rubber Flapper Check Valve make it ideally suited for applications such as raw sewage, water systems, industrial wastes, chemical lines, erosive services, ash service, acid lines, tailings systems, light slurries, corrosive services, leaching lines, scrubbers, and brine & salt water systems.

Unique 45° Angle Provides Non-Slam Properties
APCO CRF Rubber Flapper Swing Check Valves feature a unique, simple design with one moving part. The flapper does not swing from a hinge pin; it simply flexes open. The valve body seat is on an angle of 45° to the centerline of the pipe, permitting horizontal or vertical flow up installation. The unique 45° angle on the body seat gives the valve non-slamming properties. The flapper travels 35° from open to close, usually before column reversal can occur.

Unrestricted Full Flow Area
With the flapper fully open, there is a straight unobstructed flow passage, so all foreign matter is flushed away by the flowing medium. This eliminates clogging associated with other valve styles. Due to this unobstructed flow passage, the pressure drop is considerably lower through the APCO Rubber Flapper Check than through conventional swing check valves

Precision Molded, Steel Reinforced Rubber Flapper Provides Bubble Tight Seating
The flapper is Acrylonitrile-Butadiene (NBR) and provides excellent abrasion resistant qualities. The flapper can also be compression molded from Terpolymer of Ethylene Propylene & A Diene (EPDM). A steel disc for strength and a steel bar are molded inside the flapper. A high strength fabric is integrally molded over the disc and bar to form a flexible joint. When the valve is assembled, the flapper is firmly clamped between body and cover. This feature eliminates problems of moving parts, shafts, pins, bearings, bushings, packing (as required in conventional check valves). The flapper design prevents jamming or sticking in the open position.

Rubber Flapper Provides Bubble-Tight Sealing
The o-ring seal molded into the disc face assures positive sealing, even at lower pressures.

No Regular Maintenance Required
With only three major parts: Body, Flapper and Cover, the CRF Rubber Flapper Check Valve requires relatively no maintenance. If maintenance should be required, the flapper can be replaced in a matter of minutes.


Ductile Iron, Cast Iron

Acrylonitrile Butadiene (NBR),
Terpolymer of Ethylene Propylene and a Diene (EPDM)

100, 100SA, 100SR, 100A

100, 100SA, 100SR = 175 psi CWP (1210 kPa)
100A = 250 psi CWP (1720 kPa).

2-48″ (50-1200mm)


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