DeZURIK Rotary Control Valves (RCV)



DeZURIK Rotary Control Valves (RCV)

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The DeZURIK RCV Rotary Control Valve combines the control accuracy of a globe valve with the strength of a severe-service ball valve. Traditionally, a ball valve that could withstand erosion, corrosion and scaling media couldn’t provide precise throttling accuracy. And a globe valve could provide great control, but could only handle clean media. But with the RCV, accurate control doesn’t have to be sacrificed to get a valve that can withstand tough applications. Hard-faced trim components and unique design features provide erosion resistance up to eight times better than trim produced from Alloy #6.

The RCV is designed for high-capacity, bi-directional flow capability and includes four trim options for flexibility. In the event maintenance is needed, DeZURIK’s unique design facilitates fast, easy breakdown and assembly of valve components with no special tools required. The result is reduced maintenance time and the lowest overall cost of ownership.

Available in sizes 1–12″ (25–300mm), the DeZURIK RCV Rotary Control Valve is available in ASME Class 150 and Class 300 ratings. Body material options include 316 and 317 stainless steel, carbon steel, Hastelloy C or Titanium. Flanged or flangeless designs meet ASME or ISA face-to-face dimensions. Metal-seated valves provide FCI 70-2/ANSI Class IV shutoff and temperature capabilities up to 1000°F (540°C).

While other rotary control valves offer only 60° range of motion (180 positions), DeZURIK RCV Rotary Control Valves operate over the full 90°, providing up to 200 discrete positions. The additional range of motion allows the RCV to provide finer, more precise control. RCV Valves have a modified equal percentage flow curve.

DeZURIK RCV Rotary Control Valves provide unparalleled control of the process, including fast, accurate response to signal changes. Accuracy of up to 0.5% gives it a resolution of up to 200 discrete positions of operation. The RCV exceeds both industry valve dynamic performance standards and the accuracy levels of most competitive valves. The rigid splined and locked plug-to-shaft connection effectively eliminates mechanical backlash and hysteresis. DeZURIK RCV Rotary Control Valve is often an economic alternative to globe control valves in 3–12″ (80–300mm) sizes in clean liquid or gas service because it is capable of industry-leading accuracy and speed of response.

DeZURIK RCV Rotary Control Valves have the highest flow capacity ratings in the industry. On new plants or retrofits, RCV can save plants thousands of dollars because of its high flow capacity. The RCV provides far more Cv per dollar—an average of 30% more—allowing the use of smaller, lighter and more cost-effective valves and actuators. The high flow capacity means that one size, or sometimes two sizes, smaller valves can be used, saving precious capital expenditure money. Smaller valve and actuator sizes also mean less costly maintenance and repair over the life of the valve.

Capacity increases are easily accomplished with the RCV valve. The four trim sizes of the DeZURIK RCV Rotary Control Valve allow a valve with reduced trim to be installed that provides optimal control for today’s conditions. In the future, when capacity increases are needed, the valve seat can be changed to allow much more capacity. With a simple seat change, rather than a valve replacement, the plant’s capacity can be increased without compromising control or incurring significant expense. RCV Rotary Control Valves are available with four flow capacity ranges to provide the maximum in application flexibility. High, full, 0.5 and 0.2 reduced trim all provide precise flow control and can easily be interchanged in the field.


1-12″ (25-300mm)

to 1000°F (540°C)

ASME Class Rating: 150, 300
285 – 740 psi (1965 – 5100 kPa)

ASME B16.104 Up to 20 times better than ASME Class IV standard
Body Style: Flanged or flangeless

316 and 317 stainless steel, carbon steel, Hastelloy C, Titanium

High, Full, .5 Reduced, .2 Reduced

Handwheel, chainwheel, PowerRac® double-acting and spring-return cylinder actuators, spring-return diaphragm actuator


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