DeZURIK Urethane Lined Knife Gate Valves (KUL)



DeZURIK Urethane Lined Knife Gate Valves (KUL)

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Standard flanged Urethane Lined Knife Gate Valves are available in sizes 2-48″ (50-1200mm), and grooved end valves are available in sizes 2-12″ (50-300mm). Extended Flanged Valves are available in two face-to-face lengths: long pattern in sizes 2-48” (50-1200mm) with dimensions that conform to typical long-pattern push-through style slurry valves with flange retainers; and short pattern in sizes 2-8” (50-200mm) with dimensions that conform to typical short pattern push-through style slurry valves without flange retainers.

Temperature ratings range from -20 to 265º F (-29 to 130º C) as standard. The cast ductile iron body is available with a variety of urethane liner compounds suitable for water, oil, food grade, phosphoric acid, petroleum and high temperature service to 265º F (130º C).

KUL valves feature a one-piece, cast-in-place bonded liner that provides bi-directional, drip-tight shutoff to either 150 or 250 psi (1030 or 1720 kPa) CWP. Urethane Lined Knife Gate Valves can also provide bi-directional dead-end service to the full pressure rating of the valve. All wetted surfaces are lined with urethane.

The KUL knife gate valve is an enclosed design which keeps all process media contained within the pipeline. When the KUL valve is actuated, it slices through the media or slurry and does not allow any discharge to atmosphere, unlike a push-through design which allows process media to discharge into the environment.

The urethane liner is bonded in place to form a continuous liner throughout the entire body, chest, packing chamber and flange face area. The bonding process enhances the mechanical and abrasion resistance properties of the urethane, which creates a robust seat seal in harsh slurry services. The seamless bonded urethane liner extends over the flange face to serve as the valve’s flange gasket.


Mining, Chemical and Food industries

2-48″ (50-1200mm) Standard Flanged End Connections & Extended Flanged – Long Pattern
2-8″ (50-200mm) Extended Flanged End Connections – Short Pattern
2-12″ (50-300mm) Grooved End Connections

-20 to 265°F (-29 to 130°C) with additional seat materials available on application

150 or 250 psi (1030 or 1720 kPa) CWP

Cast ductile iron with gates of 304, 316, 317, 254 stainless steel or Hastelloy C


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