Dual chamber orifice fitting FPD212

Dual-chamber orifice fitting, suitable for fiscal (custody transfer) applications



Differential pressure flow meters

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The FPD201 is a single chamber orifice fitting. It enables the orifice plate to be inspected and / or replaced without removing the fitting itself from the pipeline. However, the process must be shut down and depressurized before the plate can be removed.

Dual chamber fittings are available that allow “live” orifice plate changes or routine inspection – these are the FPD212 and FPD220.


Here are the key features of the FPD201:

  • Economical orifice installation
  • Orifice plate is serviceable without removing fitting from pipeline
  • Pipe sizes up to 30 in. (750 mm)
  • Pressures up to ANSI 2500 rating
  • For pipe sizes up to 300 mm (12 in.)
  • Comprehensive testing and documentation package
  • supplied as standard

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