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A fully sealed IP66 and NEMA 4X enclosure ensures full protection against water and dust ingress, making the SM500F ideal for hose-down and dirty applications in even the most hostile environments. A choice of mounting options together with an ultra-slim design means the recorder can be installed in virtually any location, from panel and wall to pipe. Front-mounted pushbuttons allow easy selection of data in a user-friendly Windows™ environment. Commissioning, setting and fine tuning is easily performed using the simple and concise menus. Added support is provided by an extensive, context-sensitive, inbuilt help feature.

Fully compliant with the FDA’s (Food and Drug Administration) 21 CFR Part 11 regulations concerning electronic process data collection, the SM500F is ideal for any installation where local indication and recording of process conditions is required. Typical applications include the monitoring of temperature, humidity, cold storage, warehouses, effluent and boreholes.


Unique universal wall-, pipe- or panel-mounting capability that meets both IP66 and NEMA 4X hose-down standards.
Ultra-slim design ensures easy replacement of existing recording devices
Secure data recording with 64 MB internal flash memory and archiving to SD memory cards
Comprehensive audit trail, secure archiving format and extensive physical and configuration security features, making SM500F ideally suited to applications where compliance to 21CFR part 11 is required
Extensive physical and electronic security features ensure integrity of recorder’s configuration and archived data
Flexible recording with 12 software recording channels for recording of up to 7 analog/digital inputs, math function results, signals communicated via MODBUS® or any other analog or digital signal available within the recorder
Remote access and data retrieval via Ethernet and MODBUS RS485 connectivity
Quick and easy setup with on-line help and Windows™-style menus
Easy tracking of batch processes available


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