Glass tube variable area flowmeter FGM1190

Glass tube variable area flowmeter for a high degree of reproducibility



VA Master FGM1190 | Glass tube variable area flowmeter

Data Sheet



The flowmeters are indispensable where high pressure and / or high temperature operating conditions exist. The stainless steel primaries as well as the PTFE liner primaries are proven in many applications even under hardest conditions.

  • Primary instrument designs
    • Type FAM541: Standard-line with flange connections
    • Type FAM544: Hygienic design
    • Type FAM545: With PTFE-liner for aggressive fluids (in Classic phase, please contact ABB for information about product availablity)
  • Easily adjustable for new operating conditions
  • Magnetic stick operation
    • Configurations also possible with closed housing

All devices are available as analog indicator with or without alarms as well as electronic transmitter with 4 to 20 mA, HART communication and NAMUR contact outputs and optionally with a graphical display. They can be used in all hazardous areas.


General specifications:

  • Application
    • Clean liquids, gases and steams
  • Mounting
    • Vertically, in line
  • Connections
    • 1/2 to 4 in., flanged, hygienic (DIN, SMS), vertical
  • Flow ranges
    • Water flows: 0.028 to 120 m3/h
  • Flow turndown
    • Typically 10:1
  • Operating pressure
    • Up to 100 bar (1450 lbf/in 2 g)
  • Operating temperature
    • Up to 400 °C (752 °F)
  • Accuracy
    • Class 1.6 (Class 2.5: PTFE line tubed opt.)
  • Alarms
    • Slot sensors, up to 2 off
  • Tube material
    • Stainless steel, optional PTFE lined
  • Float material
    • Stainless steel, optional PTFE lined/float damping

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