Hilton Bonneted Knife Gate Valves (H-200-B)



Hilton Bonneted Knife Gate Valves (H-200-B)

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Bonnets Provide Media Containment and Superior Packing Seal at Full Rated Pressure
Bonneted Valves provide positive media containment and control of fugitive emissions. The bonnet adds operating safety by fully enclosing the moving gate.

Standard Pressure Ratings
Standard pressure rating is 150 psi in sizes 2-24″ and 50 psi in sizes 30-96″. All valve components are designed to specified pressure rating requirements. This provides the most cost-effective valve for lower pressure applications with the option of higher pressure capability where needed. Alternate designs are available to meet higher pressure requirements. Hilton custom fabricated valves are available to 144″ and with higher pressures and temperature capabilities to meet particular application requirements.

Corrosion Resistant Wetted Parts
Standard valve design provides fully welded wetted parts of 304 stainless steel. Optional designs can provide wetted parts of 316 stainless steel or any weldable alloy to meet specific application requirements. Valves can also be supplied in all-stainless or solid alloy construction.

Structural Steel Body Construction
Structural carbon steel construction provides maximum strength. The use of steel on non-wetted parts adds to overall design economy. Special purpose coatings are available for corrosion resistance. Valves of all-stainless or solid alloy construction are also available.

High Strength Machine-Finished Gate
The ground and polished gate finish assures long seat life and shutoff at full rated pressure. Finish is a minimum of 32 micro-inch R.M.S. The uni-directional beveled knife leading edge pushes aside or cuts through solids for positive seating and shutoff.

Heavy Duty Stem Components
Stainless steel Acme thread stems provide maximum torque and lift with faster opening and closing operation. Acid resisting bronze stem nuts provide strength and assure smooth operation. Heavy duty, one-piece stem clevis and bolting are engineered to valve size and pressure rating. These are all standard components on the Hilton Knife Gate Valve.

Gate Guides & Wedges for Assured Alignment & Closure
Gate guides are integral to the upper and lower port area to assure full gate support and alignment as the valve opens and closes. Gate wedges in both the upper and lower port area hold the gate against the seat to assure positive seating and shutoff. Only bonneted valves allow for upper gate wedges since there is no gate packing to pull through. This allows for full wedging on all sides for a tighter seal.

Raised Face Flanges
Standard flanges have a raised face and spiral serrated finish for best gasket sealing and mating with pipeline flange. Flanges are drilled as standard to ASME and AWWA. International standards including DIN, British, Australian, JIS and other/special requirements available.

Lifting Lugs
Lifting lugs are provided as a standard on both the body and bonnet for easy unloading and installation. The body includes tabs on centerline of port and each bonnet stiffener contains holes in all four corners.

Pressure Retaining Enclosure
Bonnets are designed as an integral part of the valve and are rated to the full pressure rating of the valve.

Stainless Steel Bonnet Construction with Carbon Steel Exterior Stiffeners
Dual materials in the bonnet construction provide 304 stainless steel wetted parts for corrosion resistance with carbon steel bonnet flanges and stiffeners for maximum strength. The result is maximum performance plus economy. All bonnet components are fully welded into a single assembly for integrity and rigidity. Bonnets can also be supplied in solid stainless or alloy construction.

Bonnet Flush and Drain Ports
Optional flush and drain ports can be provided for interior cleaning and flushing of the bonnet cavity.


Standard designs to 96” (2400mm)
Custom designs through 144″ (3600mm)

Standard designs to 400°F (204°C)
Custom designs from -40 to 2000°F (-40 to 1093°C)

Standard design:
2-24” (50-600mm) = 150 psi CWP (1030 kPa)
30-96” (750-2400mm) = 50 psi CWP (340 kPa)
Custom designs up to 400 psi (2800 kPa)

Metal or Resilient, uni-directional or bi-directional with options for removable seat, inflatable seal or grease seal

Standard valves are available in Carbon Steel or 304 Stainless Steel. Custom designs are available with solid or wetted parts construction in any weldable alloy, including Stainless Steel, Hastelloy, Inconel, Monel and Titanium.

Optional abrasion and corrosion resistant materials available including hard facing available in cobalt-chromium alloy, tungsten carbide, pulse fusion

H-200, MSS SP-81, TAPPI TIS 405-9
H-240-B, Narrow Face to Face (Canadian Standard)
H-260-B, ANSI Face to Face
Non-Standard Face to Face


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