Orifice plates for flow FPD150

FPD150 orifice plates for flow measurement



Differential pressure flow meters

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SolveDP enables the sizing of ABB’s entire DP product portfolio using a single software package. In addition to sizing, the software has the capability to generate ordering codes. It is licensed software but the cost of a licence is yet to be released.

Using the licence key supplied and a live internet connection, it also automatically regularly checks for software updates, ensuring that the user’s version of the software is always up-to-date.

  • Produces a sizing calculation & model code for any/all ABB DP Flow devices
    • drawing showing key dimensions also available
  • Includes auto-updating functionality (via internet connection)
    • enables users to benefit quickly from software updates
    • new products are added as soon as released
  • Built-in user guide
    • view in-program or print for reference
  • Sizing records saved in and recalled from a single project file
    • Other project documents (for example PDF, XLSX, DOCX, DWG etc.) can be imported into the file
  • Export/Import of sizing and configuration data in spreadsheet format
    • enables addition of new tags and editing of existing tags outside the software, using MS Excel™ format
    • simplifies management of projects involving multiple DP flow elements/tag numbers

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