Oxygen and carbon monoxide equivalent (COe) analyzer Endura AZ40



Endura AZ40 | Oxygen and carbon monoxide equivalent (COe) analyzer

Data Sheet



Accurate measurement of both oxygen and COe is important for the safe, reliable and efficient operation of industrial combustion plant.

– carbon monoxide detector
– flue gas
– combustion analysis
– combustion analyzer.


Oxygen only or oxygen plus combustibles
– increased combustion efficiency
– burner malfunction identification
– enhanced plant safety
Close-coupled sample system
– integral flame arrestors
– stable sample temperature and pressure
– heated sample path
Comprehensive diagnostics
– NAMUR-compliant diagnostic symbols
– supports predictive maintenance
– fully logged diagnostic events
Automatic sensor calibration
– fully programmable schedule
– locally triggered
– accuracy check
Process logging and trending of all measured and
calculated values
– oxygen and carbon monoxide equivalent (COe)
– process temperature measurement
– combustion efficiency calculation
Multiple sample filter and blowback options
– optional dual filtration system
– fully programmable blowback


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