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Remote Shut Down (RSD)

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Remote Shutdown — Wirelessly

That’s where SignalFire’s Remote ShutDown System (RSDS), a long-range wireless monitoring and control system, comes in. The RSDS automates this action without the need for long, costly conduit runs, and system components can also be easily relocated as needs evolve.
Safety Built Into Every Node

Our exclusive CommSafe system automatically sets its outputs to a user-configurable safe state if an interruption in wireless communication is detected.
PLC-Based Control, SignalFire Gateway Control, or Stand-Alone

The SignalFire RSDS can be implemented with a PLC monitoring inputs and generating control commands via the SignalFire Gateway and Counter Stick I/O node. Or, in environments where a PLC is not required for other needs, the SignalFire Gateway can monitor inputs and generate control commands autonomously as a stand-alone system.


Operating Temp: -40C to 70C
Power: 6-36 VDC, (battery power optional)
Relay Outputs: 2A, 30V, SPDT
Digital Inputs: Dry contact or 30 volts max (push-pull)
Radio Power: 500 mW
Antenna Type: Omnidirectional
Antenna Gain: 5dB
Receive Sensitivity: -105 dBm
Frequency: 902-928 MHz license-free ISM band, FHSS, FCC part 15 compliant
Range: 3+ miles (line of sight)
Internal Diagnostics: Supply voltage, signal strength, error conditions
Safety Rating: Non-insendive, Class 1 Division 2 groups C & D


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