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Restriction-type Orifice Plates for pressure drop or flow restriction



Differential pressure flow meters

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The ABB FPD160 is a range of flow measurement orifice plates fitted into weld-in orifice flange unions with flange tappings. The orifice plates are available with a variety of profiles to handle a wide range of applications, from clean fluids and low viscosity liquids through to dirty fluids or high viscosity liquids.

  • Orifice Plate designs:
    • Concentric square-edge orifice plate for clean liquids/gases/steam
    • Quarter circle orifice plate for viscous fluids
    • Conical entrance orifice plate for viscous fluids
    • Eccentric orifice plate for dirty fluids
    • Segmental orifice plate for dirty fluids
    • Orifice plate in holder between RTJ orifice flanges
  • Orifice Flange Unions ready for direct welding into pipeline:
    • tappings accurately positioned
    • complete with gaskets, nuts and bolts
  • Fitted with orifice plate for low cost measurement:
    • 316 stainless steel plate with carbon steel or stainless steel flanges
    • other materials available
  • Engineered and manufactured to latest standards:
    • plates to ISO5167:2003 as standard (other design standards available)
    • flanges in accordance with ASME B16.36
  • Range of flange drillings / ratings available:
    • for Raised, Flat or RTJ-profile flange facings

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