Single chamber orifice fitting FPD201

Single- chamber orifice fitting suitable for fiscal (custody transfer) applications



Differential pressure flow meters

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Part of the orifice carrier range from ABB – Combining the convenience and ease of installation of an orifice carrier assembly, an integral, welded 3- or 5- valve manifold and an optional integral temperature element. Options to reduce Pipe Straight Runs with optional Multi Hole Balanced Orifice Plate, significantly improves uncertainty and reduces Head Loss. Choice of 0.4 or 0.65 Beta Ratio ensures ease of configuration.

  • Enhanced flexibility for the user
    • create a one-piece flowmeter by direct-mounting a DP or Multivariable transmitter
    • or mount transmitter remotely for applications where direct-mounting is not practicable or not required
  • Low cost maintenance
    • Optional removable orifice plates for on site, low cost solutions to changes in process data or element wear/damage
  • Accurate installation in the pipeline, every time
    • Centralising tool supplied as standard, ensuring accurate centralisation of meter in the pipeline

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